FAQ: Permanent Jewelry

 What is permanent jewelry?

  • Permanent jewelry is a thin chain attached with a welded jump ring instead of a clasp. This means it cannot be easily or repetitively removed. 
  • Contrary to its name the jewelry is not actually permanent. You can remove it on your own for medical procedures or if you decide you no longer want the jewelry by cutting the jump ring with scissors. 
  • If snagged hard enough the chain and/or jump ring will break as a safety mechanism. 
  • They are sturdy but not indestructible. 

Does it hurt?

  • No, you will not feel anything when the welding occurs. The weld is done at a low wattage safe to be done directly on skin. We do place a cloth between your skin and the jewelry to prevent jewelry soot from sticking to your skin temporarily. 
  • The light from the weld can be damaging to your eyes if observed too closely so your jewelry specialist will ask you to look away or view it through your phone camera as a precaution. 

How do I care for my jewelry? 

  • If your chain or charms become dirty, you can rinse your jewelry in warm water and clean with a soft bristle tooth brush and dish soap. 
  • A jewelry polishing cloth can help restore shine, especially on sterling silver chains. 
  • You can wear your jewelry while showering or swimming. Prolonged exposure to chlorine can slowly break down precious metals and may cause your chain to weaken over time. 
  • Avoid pulling or snagging your chain to prevent breakage and stretching.  

What is your policy on broken jewelry?

  • If your chain breaks keep the pieces!
  • We cannot replace or refund lost jewelry. 
  • We are happy to reweld your jewelry for a $10 service fee if the chain was not damaged beyond repair (this is subject to the jewelry specialist's discretion and will be explained to you if we feel it is not viable to reweld the existing piece). 
  • If your chain is not able to be rewelded, we offer a 30% discount on a new piece of your choice. 
  • If your chain breaks within the first 7 days AT THE WELD we will repair it free of charge. Once again, we cannot replace lost jewelry. You must have the chain in your possession to be eligible for a repair or replacement. 

Should I get a permanent bracelet / anklet? 

  • It is important to consider life style before investing in permanent jewelry. 
  • If you are not allowed to wear jewelry due to dress code at work or sports we recommend not getting a permanent piece. 
  • If you are involved with activities that cause a lot of contact / snagging in the area(s) you want your jewelry you must understand there is a higher chance your jewelry will be damaged. 

Are there any age restrictions?  

  • Permanent jewelry is available to ages 13 years and older.
  • Due to federal regulations we can NOT put jewelry on children 12 years and younger. 
  • Please keep in mind, sports and activities may not be conducive to long term wear.