General FAQ 

Do you accept walk-ins? 

  • No. We are a private studio that operates by appointment only at this time. 

How much will my piercing cost? 

  • Pricing is broken down into 3 parts. Service Fee + Jewelry + Additional Products (if applicable) 
  • Our full pricing menu can be found here and on our scheduling system
  • Jewelry pricing examples can be found in our online store but more options may be available at the time of your appointment

Can I bring my own jewelry for a new piercing?

  • No. All new piercings must be performed with our studio's jewelry. This ensures we know what materials are being used, it is the proper starting gauge and length, and it will be compatible with our tools. 

Can I bring my own jewelry for a healed piercing?

  • Yes. We are happy to help you change out any piercing that is well healed to your own jewelry. If there is concern over the fit, material, or stage of healing your piercing is currently in your piercer will discuss options with you so you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. 

Can I return or exchange my jewelry? 

  • No. Due to the nature of body jewelry we cannot accept returns or exchanges. 
  • If a piece has broken and is determined to be defective the manufacturing company may have a repair warranty. If your jewelry breaks do not throw any of the pieces away. Bring them into the studio and we will assist you in processing a repair order. 

My jewelry fell out. Will you replace it for free? 

  • We cannot replace lost jewelry free of charge. It is the client's responsibility to check their jewelry regularly for security. 
  • All styles of jewelry have the potential to come loose. If you have questions about how to secure your jewelry please ask your piercer. 

Can I bring a friend / my child with me? 

  • Bringing a support person is completely okay. Our studio is small and cannot accommodate large groups. Guests may have to view from outside the door or in the main lobby. 
  • Minors being pierced are required to have a parent or guardian present at all times.  
  • If multiple people are being pierced on the same day please book under "Piercing Party" and it will tell you how to best prepare for your visit. 
  • Due to biohazardous materials, babies and small children cannot be left unattended. Only children who are being pierced are allowed in the piercing room. All others must be accompanied by an additional adult in the lobby or outside. If you do not have another adult to supervise your child(ren) your appointment will be forfeit. 

Can I get a piercing if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? 

  • No. It is illegal to pierce anyone who is pregnant. 
  • While pregnant and breastfeeding your body is prone to rejecting piercings due to hormone and immune system changes.
  • You can get a piercing if breastfeeding if you understand and ok with potentially longer heal times. 

Can I swim with a new piercing?

  • Swimming is not recommended for the first 8 weeks after being pierced. 
  • Your piercing is an open puncture wound that can allow bacteria into your body. 
  • Please consider any vacation / travel plans before getting a new piercing. 

Can I be pierced with a ring / hoop?

  • Hoops are a tricky subject for both fresh and healing piercings. The majority of people will have significant problems and potential rejection of their piercing if done with a hoop. Therefore, Studio Wren's policy is to not pierce with hoops as starter jewelry. 
  • Daiths, septums, and some rooks are exceptions to this policy.
  • Hoop safety blog coming soon!  

Can I be pierced with jewelry previously purchased from Studio Wren?

  • No. We are a fully disposable studio with no way to reprocess jewelry. We hope to offer this as an option in the future when we have a larger facility. 

Do you pierce with a needle or gun?

  • All piercings are performed with single use hollow needles.
  • Learn about the hazards of piercings guns in this blog.  

Do you offer tattoos?

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