Permanent Jewelry

Studio Wren is excited to offer welded "permanent" jewelry in studio and on the go! 

Learn more about permanent jewelry and how to care for it on our FAQ page. 

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We offer solid 14k gold, sterling silver, and gold-filled options to accommodate a wide range of budgets. Add a charm or connector to personalize your bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

Pricing is dependent on style and placement. Inventory is subject to change. 



Bracelet $45 Anklet $55 Necklace $80 (up to 14")

A sample of our sterling silver chains.


Bracelet $65 Anklet $75 Necklace $140 (up to 14") 

A sample of our gold filled chains. 

14k GOLD  

Price is based on chain selected. Availability subject to change. 

Arwen is a 14k white gold 1.5mm cable chain
Bracelet $170 Anklet $195 

Arya is a 14k yellow gold 1.8mm long and short cable chain with a twist
Bracelet $120 Anklet $135 
Claire is a 14k yellow gold 1.4 mm long and short cable chain
Bracelet $115 Anklet $130 
Clementine is a 14k rose gold 1.4mm cable chain 
Bracelet $145 Anklet $165 
Luna is a 14k yellow gold 2.6mm dapped oval chain
Bracelet $95 Anklet $110 
Scout is a 2mm flat elongated oval or "paperclip" chain available in 14k white and 14k yellow gold
Bracelet $125 Anklet $140