Online Shopping Guide

We are excited to offer an online shopping option. If you are new to purchasing body jewelry, we suggest an in-person visit first to ensure you know proper sizing needs. 

Due to the nature of body jewelry we are unable to accept returns or exchanges.

If shopping for someone else, gift cards will soon be available if you do not know the recipient's exact size needs. 



  • The thickness of your jewelry piece
  • Represented by whole numbers (ex: 18g 16g 14g) until you reach 00g.
  • The larger the number the thinner the jewelry. 18g is smaller than 16g 


  • Length: how long the wearable surface of a barbell or labret post is
  • Diameter: the width across a hoop or circular barbell
  • Wearable Surface: for decorative pieces, especially hoops, the wearable portion of the jewelry may be smaller than the full length / diameter. You need to ensure there is adequate wearable surface to fit your anatomy
  • Represented in inches or millimeters. We've done our best to include both forms of measurement on each piece when possible. 


  • While there are no rules on what styles can go into which piercing, many will be more comfortable and less prone to issues when specific styles are worn. Here are most common locations for popular styles
    • Labret Posts: lobes, helix, conch, tragus, forward helix, lip (upper, lower, philtrum) 
    • Curved Barbell: eyebrow, rook, navel, vertical labret
    • Barbell: industrial, tongue, nipples 
    • Circular Barbell "Horseshoe": daith, septum 
    • Hoops: daith, septum, suitable for most fully healed piercings 
  • Threadless jewelry should never be worn in tongue piercings or on the interior portion of lip piercings. 
Here is a helpful visual for how different styles of jewelry work.
Courtesy of Joeltron.



  • Decorative ends on their own are one of the easier product to shop for online.
  • Ensure you are purchasing the correct style (threadless / threaded) of decorative end for the post you have.
  • Using the measurements provided you should be able to tell if the piece is going to fit where desired.
  • The great part about decorative ends is their versatility, so if you purchase something for one piercing and it doesn't fit chances are you can find another piercing to place it in. 
  • As with all of our other jewelry, if you are unsure of fit or style schedule an in person jewelry change appointment to ensure it will fit where desired.