Ombre Collection Threadless Tops

Ombre Color

Let the colors of spring bloom with these vibrant gradient designs. From the tranquil greens of a spring meadow to the serene blues of a clear sky, these ombre pieces capture the essence of the season. ​


  • Trinity Small 3.3mmx 3.8mm with (3) 1.5mm gems
  • Trinity Large 4.2mm x 4.8mm with (3) 2mm gems 
  • Petite Cluster 2.5mm x .5 mm with (3) 1.5mm gems 
  • Tapers: 3.3mm x 8.3mm with a 3mm 2.5mm and 2mm gem

Important Notes:

  • Labret post NOT included. 
  • Sold as a single unit. For a pair purchase two.
  • Return Policy: Due to the personal nature of body jewelry all sales are final. We cannot accept returns or exchanges. Please view our Online Shopping Guide to help you determine if you should order online. 
  • NeoMetal offers a lifetime guarantee on all of their products. If you have a damaged piece, save the parts and contact us for assistance in processing a repair order.